Sunday, 9 January 2011

I'm a million different people from one day to the next...

The only consistent thing about me is my inconsistency.

I've made some decisions, and considering I'm useless at making my mind up, this is impressive.
I miss blogging, it helped keep me sane through the horror that was the first 3/4 of 2010, and was there when it all started to go right. I'm stupidly busy working, doing my Masters, and falling in love (!) but I'm going to try to find some more time to write here.
I won't be posting any book related stuff on my other blog, in fact, once I've archived it, A Book A Day Bookworm will cease to exist. Instead I will from time to time write book reviews and literary articles here, as a Bookworm feature.
I'm also attempting to get more creative writing done, there's a story I've been developing and have had percolating in my brain since I was about 5, it's a lot more sophisticated than 5-year-old or even 15-year-old me was, as someone who's slightly dreading leaving her early 20s, (I'll be 25 this year, eek!) I think it's about time to get to grips with the idea that has dominated my brain for so long. What this means is that any long absences from the blog are probably due to having a deadline for uni very near (I'm with Douglas Adams on this one "I love deadlines, I like the sound they make as they whoosh by") or because I'm attempting to cudgel my brain into handing over another bit of my book.
There may be some more poetry and random snippets of ideas, please comment constructively, it helps and keeps me writing, anything overtly negative really isn't helpful, if you don't like something, just keep schtum.
I will attempt to post regularly, once I'm back at uni next week and settled into a routine again, I'll try to pick a day to blog and keep it consistent.
I'm also trying to keep up with the blogs I follow, some of which are listed down on the right hand side, if yours is one of them, I may not have commented much recently but I am trying to make sure I read your posts, even if I'm a little behind.

So lovely blog readers, Happy New Year!! Hopefully you'll hear a lot more from me soon. :-)

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