Thursday, 13 January 2011

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or How I Traumatised My Boyfriend

I finally got around to watching the first in the dramatised versions of Steig Larsson's bestsellers, all of which I've read. After a day of being grumpy and rained on, The Boy and I curled up on the sofa to watched the Swedish (but dubbed into English) film. We were too tired for subtitles. Little did I know how traumatic he'd find it.
Now as I've read the books I know how violent and graphic they are, but I didn't realise how much of this Swedish films are allowed to show. Yes the rape scene is shocking, so is the case Blomqvist and Salander are investigating, her revenge on her rapist is also graphically shown (though not as graphic as in the book). He was much more discomfited than I was, and wants to read the books before we watch the next film, which has just been released on DVD here, partly to prepare himself.
I did explain that the original title was "Men Who Hate Women" and there are plenty of examples of that present. Still he's quite keen to find out what becomes of Lisbeth and Mikael. So I guess I'm renting the next one soon.
He did ask why I keep showing him distressing films. I don't do it on purpose, I didn't know Grave of the Fireflies wasn't your standard Studio Ghibli film, and was instead deeply tragic and depressing, I hadn't seen it before. I did know Dead Poets' Society was a bit upsetting, I usually cry when the boys find out their friend is dead and when they stand on their desks at the end (sorry if you haven't seen it), and I knew Rent always makes me cry, the funeral scene sets me off, when Collins sings I'll Cover You as a farewell, sobbing like a baby.
This weekend I'm thinking upbeat, happy films, that don't leave anyone feeling traumatised or upset.

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