Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Meet the superhumans

Tagline of Channel 4's coverage of the 2012 Paralympics, starting tomorrow.
 I didn't watch a huge amount of the Olympics as I was at work the whole time, but I followed it in the paper and through The Boy, who got incredibly into it. He's even more excited about the Paralympics, perhaps because he has represented his country at the same international level, and has membership of BOA.
The trailers for the TV coverage look fantastic, the GB team stand an excellent chance of doing really well, and we're going, twice! I didn't get any tickets in the great ticket raffle fiasco, but The Boy lucked out with day passes this Saturday and the following week. Which means we can explore the Olympic Park this week and hopefully see a variety of sports including wheelchair fencing, basketball, archery and some other stuff. The following week we'll be going to the Excel centre to see some more events, and soak up some more of the tremendous atmosphere that seems to have been a highlight of many people's Olympic summer.
I'll try and post about the days we spend at the Paralympics, but my blogging has been terribly sporadic recently, so I make no promises! I hope you're enjoying the summer and making the most of all the exciting things it brings.