Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mad about the boy...

How I met my lovely Boy.
Last summer I got offered a job, finally, Hallelujah and all that jazz.
I had to go on a training course before starting my job, I work in admin for a charity that works with victims of crime.
He was also on the course, I thought he was funny, charming, intelligent, slightly arrogant, and handsome. I have also discovered he's sweet, nervous, kind, generous, brave, loving and adorable. (sorry if I get a little mushy).
I went out with my GBFs, I told them about him, they teased me about my crush.
We became fast friends, me, him and a lovely American girl who hails from the South and has the cutest accent. This lead to the 3 of us being branded trouble and separated so we couldn't distract each other, it didn't really work.
A couple of evenings I went the long way home, with him. Subconsciously I think I wanted to spend time with him, consciously I knew we were having fun.
On the last day, he asked me to get the bus with him. I did. Of course I did, he was a friend and I'd do anything for my friends.
We got to the bus station where we usually go our separate ways, he asked if I wanted to go to the supermarket with him, I said sure, I'd do that with any friend.
Then he asked if I wanted to walk back to his for a bit, hang out, have a cup of tea. Clearly at this point my brain wasn't processing properly. I didn't think anything of it, just a friendly hang out.
We hung out, pizza was ordered, he got a bit embarrassed, then he asked for a hug. I'm a hugger, my family are huggers, my friends, gay, straight, male, female, are huggers, so I obliged.
He kissed me. I kissed him. There was kissing. There was no hanky panky. We talked.
I walked the hour home at 4am, I think I was floating.
A few days later we had coffee, it was awkward, part of me was wondering if I'd made a mistake. I'm not the most confident of people when it comes to this stuff, I usually bolt at the first sign of interest in me, I don't know why.
He invited me to spend the weekend with him (he has his own place, I currently live at home, regular readers will know it's because I'm broke)
I did. It was nice, we ate and watched films, and talked and cuddled and he was sweet and I realised how much I really did like him.
At some point he became my boyfriend, and I became his girlfriend. That was in September. It's January now. I spend most weekends and the odd weeknight with him. If this is what falling in love feels like, it's wonderful. I don't think I've ever felt happier. When he says "I love you" or sends me a sweet text I melt. I'm tearing up right now. I only wish everyone else could feel as happy as I do.
That's enough mush. I don't really do this sort of thing, so there won't be much more. He makes me feel safe and warm and stops me from plunging back into depression. Everybody should have a somebody who makes them feel special. I wish you all love.

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