Friday, 14 January 2011

In Which I Make a Decision

I started back at uni on Wednesday, you may have read the post about my failure to get my assignments written over the break. Our first class was a session on dissertation prep. I had a few ideas for possible dissertations, this session was for us to discuss our ideas and get these ideas sorted out and feel more prepared. I am not prepared! I know what I'm going to write about, I just don't know how on Earth I'm going to do it. For my previous degree, the dissertation was optional, so I didn't do one. Part of me wishes I had now, at least I'd have some idea of what lies ahead.
Anyway, my topic is the reinterpretation of myths and fairy tales in the work of Neil Gaiman.
I love Neil Gaiman (and his lovely new wife Amanda Palmer!), he's one of my favourite writers. I own most of his books.
I'm also obsessed with mythology and folklore/fairy tales.
This is basically a marriage of some of my obsessions and some of my favourite books. It might stop me from going insane. At least I'm hoping so.
I'm not a great researcher, I get bored easily. But I do love reading and sitting in libraries, so that's hopefully going to balance out my natural inclination towards boredom and getting distracted.
Anyway, I'm hoping to start doing a bit of relevant reading this weekend as The Boy also has studying to do (he's doing a Masters in Criminology and Psychology), so we'll be sat there with our books, model students that we are!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to.

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