Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Stresshead no more

Ok, deep breath, breathe in, breathe out. Calm.

So following yesterday's stressed out moment, I resolved the situation, or at least as much as I can right now. Thank you Universe for finally stepping in and fixing things a little. Hopefully it'll all go smoothly now.

I'm off to the Science Museum today, for another Lates. Should be good, I'll try and take some photos, and post them tomorrow or so. I need a night to de-stress and have fun. Going out for dinner first, with my cousin, who I'm dragging along to the museum. We'll have a giggle and it finishes early enough that I won't be out too late, or be too tired.

I'll be baking brownies this week too, and no, not the 'magic' kind!! We're having a little picnic on Friday in the local park and then, when it gets a bit chilly in the evening, popping to the pub for a drink or two to round off the week. It's all been a bit hectic, and a bit "argh!!!" so a chance to chill with my friends, have a gossip and a glass of wine will be good.

Here's to a good second half of this week. :)

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