Wednesday, 14 April 2010

All the things I'm thinking

I want to grow, mature
To write
Just what is art anyway?
I wish I could remember the poem I composed somewhere between waking and sleeping
Sonambulent state
Rain stains the glass
Voices in my head
Dreaming of poetry
Regurgitating words
A burst of glory
Or a scrawl of shit
The Greatest
Trying to roar what's inside
Pull it out, gasping for air
Stepping on syntax
Caught somewhere
Neither dream or real life
And what is it you want to do with yours?
Feeling stuck in the rut at 23
Where is this going?
Best Years of my life
Right (note the sarcasm)
Searching for answers
Signs, a map to wherever it is I'm meant to be headed -
this state of gracelessness
Almost a grief.

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