Monday, 26 April 2010

New Music Monday

So following on from the Amanda Palmer "Fuck the volcano" gig on Thursday, I found myself in a basement underneath The World's End pub in Camden, appropriately called Underworld, yesterday for an Amanda Palmer surprise gig. Down the stairs from the bright Spring sunshine to the cosy venue we went, unsure what we would find.
The excellent Bitter Ruin from Thursday were just getting the crowd warmed up as we arrived, and they were followed by the less excellent but game for anything Robots in Disguise, who were very cheerful. Then Jason Webley, Amanda Palmer's Evelyn Evelyn partner, took to the stage. He hadn't been able to make Thursday's show, so I hadn't heard him before. He's awesome, and rather nice to look at too (minus the beard). Finally the always awesome Amanda Palmer brought her ukulele out to serenade us. Jason joined her for a hilarious song called Electric Blanket that they had composed in Manchester on a previous tour, some Evelyn Evelyn 'covers', and another celebration of the life of Malcolm McLaren, and then Michael Jackson. They did a rendition of Webley's Icarus, and finished with The Dresden Dolls Sing, one of my favourites. An excellent, rolicking show.

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