Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What's the smile for...

I got a provisional job offer today, they have to check my references and that I'm not a criminal (ah, the CRB check, what joy!) and then I start next week. I find out what hours I get (annoyingly it's only part time) and then a spot of training and I'm good to go. I had the interview yesterday, some people move fast.
It's not really a job I want, it's not in the arts, there's not going to be a stepping stone to working in a theatre. But it's a job, a real, paid, position, and it's mine. At last.
It's been an uphill struggle. I've been brought really low by all this. I'm going to keep applying for things that appeal to me more, that I think are more relevant. But for now, I'm working (fingers crossed for glowing references) and I can finally buy things without stressing about how much everything costs (ok, it's a recession, and I'm not a millionaire, but it'll be my money, and I'm no longer a burden on the taxpayer).
So yay!! Today's a good day.


  1. Sometimes you gotta just take a job. I have an engineering degree but I do data entry. lol. Any job is better than nothing. Good luck dear!

  2. This is true. My degree is no good for this job, but whatever. Money's money, a job's a job.
    Thanks hun.

  3. I agree -- money is money. And the job isn't permanent! :) Good luck!


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