Friday, 25 June 2010

Summer in the city...

...and it's more than just hot, it's really sticky!! Despite a damp start, summer has definitely arrived in my corner of the UK, and it's shaping up to be a long, hot one. Which is bad news, as I may have mentioned before, for my pale skin. My mum likes to make fun of my collection of recessive genes (blue eyes, blonde hair, lefthandedness) that mark me out as different from the rest of my family, even my blue-eyed dad is darker skinned than me. He says it's from a life spent working outdoors (which is not true). My mum has mediterreanean blood, and copes better with this oppressive heat and stupid amounts of sunshine. It's Britain, famously cold and damp!! I don't particularly like rain, but a break in the weather would be good. Please and thank you, Universe. Glastonbury is taking place this weekend, and it looks like it'll be nice weather, my friend is volunteering there with Oxfam, so I hope it stays nice for her sake, but that's all the way in Somerset, so a splash of rain here would have little effect there. My dad's stocked up for a barbecue this weekend, and presumably he intends to watch the boring ol' World Cup. It's also Wimbledon fortnight, but tennis holds no interest for me. I guess I'll be spending the weekend reading and watching Glasto highlights, and maybe a film or two. What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone doing something fun and a little bit different?

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  1. Not only is Regina Spektor one of my very favorite artists, this song in particular is so great! Nice choice. :)


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