Sunday, 20 June 2010

Daddy Cool

I've never been a Daddy's Girl (that's my sister's role) but I do love my dad. We jokingly refer to him as Papa Bear, he can be gruff and grumpy, but he's got a good heart. Around the house his role is Mr Fix-it, he's a trained engineer and electrician and is probably sick of whiny voices asking him to fix everything that gets broken. Today he's sitting watching the World Cup, England isn't playing, but he is a man! Later he'll finish reading the paper, maybe start one of the books I gave him this morning (he likes thrillers) or watch a film. I'm too big to sit on his lap and watch TV like I did as a kid, and I may tease him a lot (he's the family joker, so this particular habit is all his fault!) but there's no one quite like my dear old dad. Happy Father's Day!

My dad, looking very suave

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