Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Job Hunting is no fun whatsoever...

My dream job would be something that involved sitting around reading and not a lot else! Alas, this has so far proved elusive. I've been applying for jobs like a maniac recently, being unemployed is boring and if I don't get out of the house soon, I'm going to go crazy!! I'm a victim of the recession, there were budget cuts where I used to work and I was one of the unlucky ones for whom there's no work anymore.
I'll admit I was lazy, when I graduated I had work, so I didn't rush to find anything, I figured when I needed it, there would be a job for me. Unlike those in finance and the government I had no idea there was this monstrous recession coming, I grew up in the booming Nineties, also I'm rubbish with money. I have no head for maths, I'm an English grad, bring me words, that's something I can handle. So that brings us to now.
The job market has collapsed, I know I'm not the only one left without a job or a plan. I've had student part-time slightly rubbish jobs since I was 18, so I have some experience, I'm ridiculously over qualified for some of the things I've been applying for, but still no luck.
I've been a waitress (very briefly), a receptionist, a shop assistant (voluntary), and looked after other people's kids (I never want to do that again, ever.) and apparently this means I'm completely useless. I've had one interview. One. And I didn't get the job. That's my life. I never get a break. It's driving me nuts. The longer I go without work, the harder it'll be to find it, when, if ever, the job market picks up again and people start hiring. It's exasperating. It really is.

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