Thursday, 17 June 2010

"Why does everyone keep mentioning apples?"*

For the last couple of months I've been heading out on the last Wednesday evening to the Science Museum, here in London, for their awesome, fun, series of events called Lates. Each one has a different theme (I've been to Genius, The Science of Beauty, Extraordinary Earth), and it's free! Aimed at bringing adult visitors into the museum for a child-free evening full of learning and being a bit silly! There are bars on each floor serving wine and beer (and soft drinks), the great shop is open, as is the restaurant. Perfect if you miss playing with the science-based toys in the Launchpad.
At each event, there have been actors dressed as famous figures from scientific history. Last time I got my photo taken with Isaac Newton! There's also silent disco, a pub quiz, live music, dance performances, a comedy show, and various themed activities. At the Science of Beauty, there were also freebies, I made off with some day cream, a make-up bag, bronzer, lipgloss and more (the event was sponsored by L'Oreal, so these were not cheapy products).
I'm planning to go to the next one (entitled The Science of You), in a couple of weeks, with some friends, and have more fun, watching the bubble show, pretending to learn while actually being a bit silly, and reverting to being a child, just for one night!

*Sir Isaac asked us that!

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