Sunday, 23 May 2010

If You Go Down To The Woods...

Summer has arrived in my corner of the British Isles, and it's boiling. It'll probably only last a week (hopefully). I am not a fan of this weather, I'm descended from Celts, so I have ridiculously pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, and I burn lobster red in no time at all, and it's horrific. My mum has olive meditterean skin courtesy of my Nan's French ancestry, but I'm stuck with the Scottish part and it's grim in the summer. The slightest flash of skin and it's pink and painful.

Anyway, sunburn hazards aside, it's been a fun weekend. Yesterday I went with a group of friends up into the country park in the town where I live (we're technically a London suburb, but it borders on countryside). After marching through the woods (why is a male 5 minutes more like 15?) we made our way to a sunny patch of grass and gathered around to gossip, laugh, drink lemonade, beer and cider and be silly. Then when it cooled and the sun disappeared, the boys made fire! We had a little bonfire in the woods, don't worry we put it out carefully. It was fun. I got lost in the woods and had to be found (I have no sense of direction at all!) but it was just jolly. We should be doing something similar in a week or so if the weather holds.
Today I've just lazed around, reading the papers, listening to lovely summery music and trying to keep cool. Hope you've all had good weekends and your batteries are recharged!

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