Friday, 7 May 2010

Dispatches from the back of my mind...*

So, after all the hoopla of election time, and the comedy of last night's alternative election on channel 4 (I recommend trying either youtube or 4od to find some, bits were very entertaining, try Rich Hall for starters) it all seems to have gone awry. The Conservatives achieved the biggest number of seats but not enough to form a majority, so now we have a hung parliament which apparently leads to another election in 6 months time to try to fix this. Some people across the country were being turned away from polling stations, after queuing in some cases for several hours, because they must close at 10. This strikes me as being somewhat un-democratic, and possibly unconstitutional, although since we don't have a written constitution I can't look it up (one of the few things I actually want to copy from the Americans). Chaos will be ensuing for the next few months, should be interesting.

This is slowly morphing into quite a political blog, I think this is my 3rd post on the subject. It's not intentional, I find it all rather interesting, and I think it's important to be invested in what goes on in the country I live in. Normal service (as normal as it gets when I'm involved) will resume shortly.

Anyway, there is other stuff I want to write about, so I shall.

Things I want to do this month:
*See the bird exhibit at the Barbican. They've set up musical instruments, and there are a flock of birds living on them, making music through their movements. It all sounds rather interesting.

* Visit the butterfly house at the Natural History Museum. I love butterflies, I think they're beautiful and fascinating. This exhibit has dozens from all over the world, housed in a sort of tent on the museum's lawn. I really, really want to go! It's open til June/July so there's plenty of time, but I want to go when there aren't hundreds of kids there, so before the holidays is my aim.

*Make further inroads into the book mountain taking over my floor. I've been chipping away at it, but I keep accumulating more books from other people, charity shop magpie-ing, and very occasionally bookmooch or even more rarely actually buying a book in a shop or online. I can't help it, it's a sickness which has no cure, bibliomania. There are an awful lot of amazing, yummy books out there, and I want to read them all.

*Locate, clean, and make usable my bike. It's in there somewhere, under all the crap my family stores in the shed. I just need to brave the spiders and rescue it. The weather is picking up, I used to love bike rides, and it's a good way to get some exercise. Maybe I'll make my sister help, she has no problem with eight legged monsters.

*Raid my grandad's music collection. He has loads of jazz, Rat Pack and other classics. I want to indulge my fondness for the great divas (Ella, Billie, Bessie, Nina etc) and I know he's the place to start. (I'm actually listening to Nina Simone's greatest hits right now, and it's sooo good!). He got me into this music in the first place, so it's time for him to let me loose in his stash!

*Attend the next Science Museum Lates. The last one was awesome, roll on the last Wednesday of the month.

*See more of my friends. I did quite well in catching up with people last month. I want to do this more often. I don't have a lot of cash, but neither do a lot of my chums. Picnics in parks, sitting in cafes, pubs and wandering around galleries, museums and exploring are cheap. Let's go!

*Work on my writing. I have a stupid amount of free time (thanks economic depression for making me unemployed!) yet I seem to do so little. There are plenty of ideas floating around in my head, and beginnings of things in notebooks and on my computer that I could be shaping into something. Maybe one day I'll have something worth sharing/publishing.

Right, I think those are some good May resolutions. Here's some music.

*This is a line from Los Campesinos! You, Me, Dancing! As seen above.

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