Thursday, 20 May 2010

The following post will make little or no sense, probably

Suitable I think, for the new austerity we're facing

So I didn't get the job. Cheers Universe. Oh well, onwards and upwards I guess.

After I lay in bed for several hours, processing my latest failure, reading a Marian Keyes novel (it's like a hug and/or chocolate but with no calories), I got my arse in gear. I went up the road, bought a paper, orange juice and a cinnamon bagel (once smeared liberally with Nutella, definitely the most perfect thing ever!).
Then I decided to sort out some of the junk gathering dust in my room. I ferreted out some old bags moldering away in the depths of my wardrobe and discovered I still really like a couple of them. I used to buy a new bag of one type or another every few months, partly because I get bored really quickly, and partly because I'm no exactly known for being practical. Once I've replaced it, the previous bag is swiftly abandoned, until I dig it out and either give it to my sister, chuck it away or donate it to charity. While some of the stuff I unearthed today is definitely headed for the charity shops, a couple look like, with a bit of a clean and some tlc, they might be something I could actually re-use. So tomorrow I'm sticking them in the washing machine on a handwash cycle to see if that cleans them up a little (because I am far too lazy to wash them by hand, and the machine does it more efficiently).
Also tomorrow I'm taking some books, bags and other assorted things I don't want anymore down to the charity shop and I'm going to treat myself to a rummage of their bookshelves and see if I can't rustle up a few cheerful paperbacks for pennies!
This weekend the weather's supposed to be rather nice, so hopefully I'll go and meet up with some friends and hang out in the sunshine, and maybe there'll be a barbecue at home (depends on my dad's mood).
I'm trying my best not to slip back into the funk I was in at the beginning of the year when I first realised I was unemployed and with no immidiate prospects. I don't ever want to slip back in the depression that threatened to steal my late teens/very early 20s. I need to stay positive. Things will look up, I just hope sooner rather than later.

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  1. I'm glad you sound quite positive. Remember, life is what you make it (hope that sentence made sense hehe!)

  2. It makes perfect sense. I'm trying to be as positive as I can. Negativity never solves anything as far as I can see.


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