Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sometimes you have to get a little out of yourself to find yourself

Last night I went to an absolutely awesome gig in a gay club in town. I'd never been to Heaven before, and it's an odd place, underground in a sort of cavern. The gig was an anarchic mix of musical styles, with multiple special guests. Amanda Palmer (who I think is utterly amazing) was introducing her new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra, and some of her music. Her support bands were The Jane Austen Argument from Melbourne, Australia who are brilliant, and Bitter Ruin from Brighton on the coast, who are also rather brilliant. At different times they joined AFP on stage for a couple of songs, including a Regina Spektor cover and a wonderful rendition of The Dresden Dolls (AFP's last band) Delilah, which they really need to record and release as a single.
Her husband, the incredible Neil Gaiman (one of my favourite writers) also performed his song The Trouble With Saints, which is hilarious. Her other special guests were violinist Una Pallister (excellent, so talented), Tom Robinson (who I hadn't heard of, but who writes comedy political songs, and is hugely interesting) who performed a new song he'd written for the occasion, and the absolutely hilarious Tim Minchin!! He's one of my favourite comedians, and performed his song You Grew On Me, after informing the crowd he wasn't going to perform a comedy song, but a ballad (it's a bit of both really). I don't think he knew Amanda was going to get him onstage as he wasn't really dressed the way he usually is when he's on stage.
Everyone, including the backstage crew joined her for the finale and encore. She had borrowed Eric Clapton's brass section and with her new backing band was raising the roof (probably a worry for the businesses over our heads!) We had a dancing lesson from Super Kate (who did an amazing belly dance in between bands), and soon the whole room was bouncing around and singing along.
Anything goes at an Amanda Palmer gig, and this was no exception. At one point I think about 20 people were on stage, and there were two brass sections. It was raucous, funny, entertaining, genius.
It was also what I needed.
After a difficult and frustrating summer I needed a chance to blow off steam, dance like a loon, laugh, and get a little out of myself (no drugs or drink needed, just music and the energy).
I start my new job on Monday and spent today hanging out with the boy, eating lunch in a cafe, walking in the sunshine and curling up together to watch Doctor Who.
There's light at the end of this particular dark and depressing tunnel finally.

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