Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to School (or not!)

So it's been a week at my new job (Well a week tomorrow) and so far I'm doing ok. I think. There's a lot to get to grips with but luckily there's someone else doing the same job as me, and she's been there a while and is training me up so hopefully sooner or later I'll know what's what.
There are some other new people who've just started, although they have different roles, but it means I don't have too much of that 'new' feeling.
Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. I'm starting to remember people's names, but it might take a while as there are a lot of people in the office. Plus there are two other offices full of people whose names I need to know, as we share communal space and do the post for them.
I haven't had a lot to do yet, and I'm off for 3 days of training next week but I'm sure the longer I'm there and the more I learn, the more work I'll be given to do.
All I need to do now is complete my dissertation and then that stress will be over and I can relax and use my free time as I see fit, work finishes early enough to go out after and do fun things, and it's in London, so I travel through the city centre after work and can just hop off the tube somewhere and go shopping or meet friends.
I think it's time to take advantage of being in my twenties, having a job (finally!), and living in this incredible city.

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