Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

Tuesday was my 25th birthday. I celebrated it with food and friends, always a good combination. Last Saturday The Boy and I went to Giraffe on London's South Bank with some friends to eat scrummy food and drink delicious cocktails while admiring the view of London lit up at night.
Tuesday after work was spent doing a spot more celebrating. After blowing out the candles on my cake (which I still haven't had any of) The Boy and I went out with some more friends for dinner and drinks. Some of my friends I hadn't seen in ages, one had been travelling around Europe all summer and the other had been doing Camp America, so it was extra nice to see them.
As I've got older presents have decreased, but I did alright on the book token front, and got 8 brand new books with them. I'm quite excited to actually get around to reading them. The Boy bought me some pet Angry Birds (yes, based on the game) as a sort of private joke, a spot of chocolate, and The Dresden Dolls self-titled album, which was the only one I didn't already have.
I also got a lovely writing set, which sorted out the thank you cards, and my awesome American friend Lauren got me a mini baking set in a really cute case. a little rolling pin, apron, cookbook, cupcake cases and whisk. Perfect for baking dinky little cakes.
All in all it's been a good birthday, much better than some of the previous ones where things didn't go as planned.
Still to come is lunch with the bestie (who was working), a present from Aleks, dinner with my cousin (also a September birthday) and the spending of the birthday money on treats!!
This year hasn't been my happiest, I have struggled with things at times, but slowly it's all starting to come together, The Boy and I are celebrating a year together this month, my new job is proving to be interesting and enjoyable, I'm finally getting on top of things financially and with my degree (I think) and slowly I'm starting to enjoy my life more, and this incredible city I've been lucky enough to live in.
So here's to this next chapter in my life, to growing older (but not growing up!) and to the things yet to come.

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