Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Oh My City!!

Three days of rioting, parts of London burning. No political message, just pointless looting and burning. Police stretched to breaking point trying to contain the chaos. The Prime Minister returned in the early hours of this morning, too little too late perhaps.
My heart aches for my city. My wonderful, nutty, fucked up city. Ripped to pieces by it's own residents. London has been torn apart before, but not by Londoners, what happened to the Blitz spirit that got us through the Second World War? Why can't we pull together, instead of tearing apart at the seams? Oh London, my home.


  1. What's happening in London is pretty terrifying and tragic. I actually spent a summer in London, one of the best summers of my life, and it's sad to think that a city that I have some many great memories of is experiencing something so horrible.

  2. It's my city too and my heart aches for it, for all of us, too. I do think that the violence is political, is an inchoate, terrible response to the economic violence that's been grinding us all down for the last thirty years or so. From reading through your blog, I can see that your situation isn't that dissimilar to mine. Don't you think that the PM and his party and their hangers on are responsible for what's going on? I'm middle class and fume but wouldn't riot, but I understand what's driving those from a less privileged background to do these terrible things. The powers to be have created a system in which you only count if you have material possessions; they're stopping the means by which many young people can get those material possessions, those hallmarks of being someone. Sick? It sure is, Dave.

    Keep up the writing. Hope your dissertation and your relationship and everything works out for you.

    Remember that there are lots of people out there feeling just as lost.

    Maybe reach out to someone else. If we all do this, maybe we've got a chance. We'll all be in this together...


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