Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Road Trip!!

So this weekend The Boy and I went on a road trip to a Sledge Hockey tournament. Sledge Hockey is the sport he plays, and once a month there's a tournament, and they're all over the country. We packed some sandwiches and selected some Cd's to entertain ourselves and headed out. The drive up was good, traffic seemed non-existent, and the sun was shining. The company was good too!
The tournament went well, The Boy's team won one of their matches. I had a laugh with some of the other women who'd come along to see what their men were getting up to at the rink.
We stayed the night with one of The Boy's friends and his wife, which was OK.
The next day we drove through sunny countryside to visit The Boy's parents in the seaside town he grew up in on the way home. He gave me a tour of the town, showing me where he went to school and where he worked as a teenager. We sat in the conservatory drinking tea in the sunshine as The Boy opened his birthday presents before strolling down to the front for a lovely dinner in a restaurant, local fish served with chips. Traditional and delicious.
The drive home went swiftly and we collapsed on the sofa to watch a film before attempting to sleep in the awful heat. The storm the next day was definitely needed!
All in all a great weekend, and we got to spend some time together, just the two of us, driving around the country.

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