Monday, 6 June 2011

It's a trip when you're young and hip*

Erm, so my excuses....

I've been a little busy, doing a Masters, working and trying to squeeze in my friends, my boyfriend, and my family has been really hard. My contract's done, so I'm unemployed again, hopefully not for too long, have to pay my phone bill somehow!
I have my dissertation left to write, due in at the end of August, which sounds ages away, but will be here sooner rather than later.
It's the lovely Aleks' birthday tomorrow, party on Sunday, so that'll be good. My awesome, funny friend Ben is back in town for the summer, there's Pride, hopefully a festival, some random days out, a few afternoons in the park, road trips, and general summer fun still to come. I'll be studying and applying for new jobs, spending time with my lovely Boy and trying to get some reading done.
I will also be blogging again, I missed it. It was difficult to find the time, I had a two hour commute each way while I was at that job, and was always too tired to do much of anything, let alone write a blog post.
But I've decided to try to blog about 2 times a week. Today's rush of posts won't always be a possibility. I'm thinking about what I'll blog about, probably compose a draft on my phone, a Blackberry called Bob, and drop hints on Twitter (which is still the best way to keep in touch).
I'm also going to try to get round to other blogs again, the blogging community was so good to me and for me last summer when I was really down, and I miss reading about what everyone's up to.
Please let me know how you all are in the comments, and what you'd like to see here.
Thanks for your patience.

*totally nicked this from Aleks' birthday event on Facebook.

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