Friday, 24 June 2011

Broody? Me? Good Heavens No!!!!

A lot of my friends seem to be breeding at the moment. Every time I log onto Facebook it seems another person has changed their profile picture to a squashy red faced baby. Newborns looked all squished to me, like bulldogs or a t-shirt in need of a good iron.
I don't dislike babies, unless they're screaming and you're not doing anything to stop it, or they puke on me. Some are really cute, and babies in adult sunglasses are really hilarious, I don't know why.
I'm glad you're happy and had a healthy baby, I hope you do an excellent job raising them to be kind, caring, intelligent and engaged in the world.
But they are expensive, polluting, over-populating, and sometimes I just don't care about your kid.
So please, change your photo back to you, it's your profile after all, and stop updating your status every time they do something like blink or breathe (I can do that too, you don't seem me boasting) and just enjoy their babyhood, they'll be obnoxious money grubbing teenagers soon enough!
Rant over.

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