Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Making a Bet

I spent much of the past weekend (from Thurs-Sun) in one pub or another. I've decided to give my liver a rest. I spent the first 6 months of the year sober, completely, and now I'm going to spend the final 3 the same way.
However to add to it, I've made a bet with my friend who wants to quit smoking again. Now I know I can go a lot longer without drinking (as I don't drink that often, except this past weekend) but he smokes like a chimney.
There is a forfeit, the person who folds first has to wear a pair of pink flashing fluffy bunny ears on a Tuesday night in our home town when everyone's home for Christmas. Where we live, Tuesday is student night, and the local pubs are swamped. Walking around with those on your head is going to be highly embarrassing and really funny. But not if it happens to me. Which it won't. Stay tuned....


  1. hehe this is cute! I go months were I drink alot & then others I don't. This is good to help out a friend & I hope it'll help you too! I wouldn't want to wear bunny ears so that's awesome motivation! Good luck to you & your friend!

  2. Thanks hun, I think I'll be fine, it's more as a way of supporting him quitting smoking.


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