Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Birthday Post

Technically my birthday isn't until 6am 13th September. But I may not get around to posting tomorrow.

This weekend has been interesting to say the least. Last night was rather drama packed, but most of it wasn't anything to do with me and didn't spoil my night.
A while back I wrote a post about losing my best friend. About how painful and horrid it was. Last night she turned up and we started to mend some fences. We spent an hour sat in her car talking things through, the last year has been pretty grim for her too, and we both realised we needed to be more open and communicative, which is hard because we're alike in the way we behave when things get difficult. We internalise it, don't deal with it, and let it affect everything else.
Her facebook status this morning read "is glad to have her friends back". I feel exactly the same.

Today I ventured into the heart of my sprawling, chaotic city, and went along to watch the parade at the Thames Festival. A friend suggested it last night, and a bunch of us braved the underground and it's many weekend disruptions to go along. It wasn't overly thrilling. I fell in a hedge and scratched my back up. Which is rather painful.
Then we wandered into Soho in search of a decently priced bar, we never found one. Which brings us to now. It's just turned 11pm, in a few short hours, I will be 24. I'm hoping it's a better year all round for me. Heaven knows I need it.

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