Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ramblings of a shut-in

This week I have been mostly re-reading my Isabel Allende books, all of them. Every now and then I decide to do things like this, it's a compulsion I guess. Or a symptom. I don't know.
I've also eaten a lot of porridge, cheese and chocolate (not all together, ewwww!!). This is not necessarily healthy, but I don't want to stop. Even though dairy products can be a bit of a disaster for me (milk is not my friend).
I need to get out more. Staying in, reading, watching tv repeats, movies and eating things that make me ill is not really sensible. I may be losing it slightly. Time to brave the incredibly bracing wind and cold and go outside. For longer walks than the one to the shops for a paper and back. With my camera and notebook, maybe something will inspire me and I'll start writing again. Or I'll catch a cold and have to take to my bed (once upon a time this would have been just what I wanted to do). 

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