Friday, 19 March 2010

It's been one of those weeks...

I was going to write a post all about how Spring seems to have arrived, but since it's been wet and wretched all day I don't feel like it, if the sun shines through tomorrow maybe I'll feel more seasonal.

Instead I'm going to write about phobias. More specifically mine of spiders. Ewwww. Something about their scuttly 8 legged creepiness really makes my skin crawl. Apparently it's a remnant from an evolutionary ancestor, a fear meant to keep us safe from a time when spiders were more of a threat, if you live somewhere like Australia with it's poisonous varieties I guess they still are. However my bedroom does not need spiders. Ever. The flies they keep down are outside not anywhere near where I sleep. Fact. I cannot sleep when there's one in the room. And there's one under my bed right now. It ran along my desk, fell onto my bed and down the side. I've attacked where it might be with the vacuum cleaner and hopefully it's either had a heart attack and died or been eaten by the Henry. I will check before I go to bed, if I see it, it goes.

Enough ranting about spinnen (German for spider and highly appropriate).

This weekend I will be filling in my application for uni, time to get back to studenthood, and possibly seeing a friend (the not particularly reliable A I previously wrote about). Anyway, have a good weekend. Next time I should be posting some photos of Spring things and some other bits and bobs.

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