Friday, 26 March 2010

Party time!

I'm going to my high school best friend's little sister's 21st birthday tonight, and I'm having a hard time believing she's 21. I met her sister on my first day at secondary school, aged almost 11 (I'm a September baby so the first week of school was usually a week or two before my birthday). We were best friends all the way through, I spent a lot of time at their house, and their parents were almost like a second pair to me. After school we drifted, still keeping in touch, but not seeing so much of each other. We'd seen each other pretty much every day for 7 years so it was a bit weird only being together every now and then. We see less of each other now than ever before, and it definitely sucks. We keep in touch through facebook, but I couldn't tell you what she was doing now that's she's finished art school. Partly this is my own fault, we don't have a lot in common anymore and we live quite far away now, but I've made little effort to keep in touch or arrange anything.
Anyway, her sister, who was 8 or 9 when we met, is turning 21, and it's weird, watching someone you've seen grow up, someone who became a friend and a spare little sister (I have a real one, we don't really get along) become an adult. I adore this girl, she's sweet and funny, and she went to the same uni as me, which is random and cool at the same time. She graduates this summer. Happy Birthday Steph.

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