Friday, 22 October 2010

It Gets Better (another installment!)

So I've raved about the It Gets Better Project a couple of times now, but, and I think this is rather awesome, that was before US President, Barack Obama, recorded a video for it. It would be amazing if all politicians felt the same, that no one should be bullied for being different and feel that the only thing they can do is take their own lives.
Unfortunately that isn't the case, being gay is still illegal all over the planet. And the situation isn't helped by people like the Pope saying it's wrong.
Wednesday was LGBTQ Spirit Day, when members of that community and their supporters were encouraged to wear purple in memory of those lost young people who couldn't see a way out. I wore a lot of purple, it's one of my favourite colours and there's a fair bit of it in my wardrobe. A purple top and scarf, and my bag just happens to be purple too!

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