Friday, 29 October 2010

Busy Bee!

I have had an incredibly hectic week and am completely exhausted.

On Monday I met the boy's parents for the first time. Nerve wracking, oh yes! I made an apple crumble and he made a lamb casserole (which was good, except I very rarely eat red meat). They're lovely, and I am apparently approved of!
Tuesday I went to the Lyric Hammersmith to see Blasted by Sarah Kane. It was incredible, graphic, violent, shocking and moving. I will attempt to write a proper review when I'm not too tired.
Wednesday was uni, and I handed in my first piece of work. So I'm a little worried about what might emerge. Then I went to the Science Museum Lates which was all about bioterrorism. Unfortunately I think I was a little too tired to fully appreciate it all.
Thursday I spent curled up on the couch with the boy, watching films and eating yummy food. The only benefit of still not having my CRB come through and started work is that I can spend a day doing virtually nothing and not feel guilty, there wasn't anywhere I was supposed to be.
Today I am tired. I've done chores all afternoon, I'm still trying to get my life sorted out. It's taking a while. I'm hoping for some sort of resolution about my CRB next week. It's really bugging me that it's taking so long, but I am trying my darndest to focus on the positive bits of my life.
I also volunteered myself to be the student rep for my MA course, which means I'll be invited to department meetings and things, which should be interesting, even if it's yet another thing in my over-crowded life. I seem to thrive on the pressure though.
This weekend I will be meeting up with a friend for lunch in Camden, one of my favourite weird bits of London. So that should be fun. And then I'm making dinner for the boy and hanging out with him. Sunday I'll probably require a full 24 hours of sleep or something so I can get up and make it through another week!!

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