Thursday, 14 January 2010

Things I want to accomplish before I'm 30

1. Find a job I love in the arts.

2. Get a piece of my writing published.

3. Do some travelling.

4. Live in Paris.

5. Learn to surf.

6. Learn to drive.

7. Learn French properly.

8. Learn another language (maybe Russian or Italian)

9. Become a better photographer and take some awesome photos.

10. Fall in love. Even if it means getting hurt. Life's about taking chances.

11. Finish reading War and Peace.

12. Drive across Australia.

13. Go to Burns' Night in Edinburgh to celebrate my Scottish heritage.

14. Learn how to print things on t-shirts and print up my own slogans and pictures.

15. Research my family history, there's some blanks to fill in and I like a good mystery.

16. Be an extra in a film.

17. Find the perfect pair of polka dot shoes.

18. Take the Trans-Siberian Express across Russia to China.

19. Finish my novel.

20. Find some peace within myself.

Only 7 years to try and fit it all in. Doesn't matter if I don't. It's a work in progress. A bit like life really.

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