Monday, 19 December 2011

Why I'm not a Christmas person

Last week I realised I am meant to be a house cat, I don't like to be cold or wet, I like sleeping, can sleep almost anywhere and enjoy being spoiled. What I am not meant to be is someone who gets up before the sun, treks across the city in the cold, spends all day stuck behind a desk and then traipses back across town in the cold, wet dark home.
Added to that is the stress-fest that is Christmas. Since I was about 17 I have been responsible for buying the family Christmas presents (including my own), I also have to wrap them and keep them til the 24th when they go downstairs to wait for morning. There are no children in this house, 4 adults live here. Christmas is not a magical, wonderful time. We eat food, watch tv and argue. This year it's become fiendishly complex.
I finish work on Thursday for 11 days. On the 23rd I'm going with my mother and sister to see my grandparents and have lunch with them. Then I have to jump on a train into town (they live out in the countryside) for my work Christmas meal. Christmas Eve does not equal a rest, not yet, my mum and I have to go and do some food shopping, then finish sorting out presents and wrapping paper, finally I have to whizz round to the pub to meet my friends for a few drinks before Midnight Mass. Which finishes at about 1.30am.
Christmas Day will be spent with my parents, sister and The Boy. Boxing Day may pass in the same way, plus my cousin. My mum's got out of cooking on the 25th again this year, and we will be dining in a restaurant nearby, the 26th will be a buffet lunch of cold meats, cheeses, salad and other bits and bobs.
Then we have to hare off to The Boy's grandparents to celebrate with them and his dad, then a bit further afield to his mum and stepdad's for Christmas Dinner part 4(5?? Who knows!) Before returning to London in time for my aunt and uncle to visit us on the 29th (still with me?). Finally I'll be having dinner and catching a movie with my lovely friend Ben on the 30th, before squeezing in lunch with The Boy and my grandparents on New Year's Eve and collapsing in a heap.
I haven't even made plans for NYE, I'm just too exhausted by the planning.
I reckon I'll need a holiday to recover from my supposed holiday.
Well, there's still presents to be wrapped and bits and pieces to be organised. See you all on the other side!!

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