Friday, 2 December 2011

Getting the nightmarish stuff out of the way early.

I hate Christmas shopping, I loathe and despise it. Unfortunately I love giving gifts, I find that making people smile by getting them something they'll love makes me happy. Which causes a problem. Currently there is a huge pile of stuff in the middle of my room, none of it is really for me. Mostly it's for other people. Now I have to wrap all the stuff up. Which is where my loathing of wrapping paper comes in. Last year I went for gift bags and glittery stuff to layer over things. I may combine wrapping the occasional thing with gift bags this year to make it slightly less stressful. Just buying everything now, and not the week before Christmas does ease some of the tension I usually feel around this time of year. But if I'm honest, I'm just not a Christmassy person. The whole season seems intended to cause so much stress and irritation.
I think I'll be avoiding shopping centres and overly festive people for a bit.

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