Saturday, 5 February 2011

What I've been doing while you've been out having fun

I'm sick. Spent the last 3 days at home in bed, feeling fed up and gunky. There's a lovely image for you.
So far I've read 5 books, 3 newspapers, watched 1 film, most of a boxset, and some random stuff on tv. I got sent home early on Tuesday from work as my voice was going and I felt off. I didn't make it to uni on Wed or work on Thurs & Fri. Today's Saturday. It's the first day I've worn make up or shoes since Tuesday. I've mostly been looking super awesome in pyjamas and moisturiser to save my skin from the curse of drying out from illness. I feel like death. Which is an improvement. My appetite seems to be returning, however I went for a walk earlier, and came back feeling worse than ever. Shaking, sweating, not pretty. (Again a lovely image).
The Boy is away at hockey training this weekend in preparation for representing the UK at the European Championship in Sweden (he leaves next Thursday for 10 days), so I haven't even been able to get him to pamper me. He's back tomorrow and I'm planning to spend the afternoon with him.
I have to go back to work on Monday, I can't really take anymore time off, so I need to shake this as fast as possible. Time perhaps for another mug of tea, it seems to be helping.

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