Monday, 14 February 2011


What a week I've had. Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably know some of what I've been up to. But here's a more detailed round up.

Last Monday was the only day I ate dinner at home, I've been so busy, rushing around doing things (fun things mostly.). I'm more or less recovered from the virus I had, so Monday was back to work time, and Monday evening was veg out night, as it is pretty much every night.
Tuesday evening was spent being cooked for by The Boy, and Wednesday was Reading Week at uni, so I had the day off to spend with my lovely helping him pack for the Ice Sledge Hockey European Championships (he plays for Team GB, I'm really proud of him). He left on Friday for 10 days and I miss him terribly. They've done well, winning their first match.
Thursday night was a trip to the theatre, to see Blood Brothers, which was excellent, if you get a chance go.
Friday night saw me at Victoria station waiting for a train to Sussex and a weekend away by the sea. The train took an hour, we went out for dinner and I spent a relaxing weekend pottering around Lewes and Rottingdean, looking at antiques, the sea, and eating delicious food. I also visited Much Ado Books in Alfriston, a little village with lovely quaint cottages, the shop's run by two American imports from Massachusetts, and they sell all manner of new and old books. If you're ever there, say hi!
The only problem I had was that I'm allergic to cats and the gorgeous house I was staying in has four. Lovely creatures they are, but my eyes were all puffy and my nose runny on Saturday night, which was a pain. But Frankie, Mabel, Phoebe and Kitty didn't mean it, and I'll be down when it's sunnier again, to see the ducks and lambs and llamas!! Yes, there's a llama farm down the road.
All in all a fun packed week. This week I have nothing planned, so I'm going to watch TV, read some books for uni, and just chill. Next week's shaping up to be a busy one too.

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