Saturday, 12 May 2012

Kitten adventures

The other day, while walking to the bus stop at the top of my road, a little black and white cat came over to say hello. I always say hello to cats, partly in memory of my cat who always waited to say good morning to me, and partly because it's become a habit. This particular kitty was very friendly, even rolling over to show me its tummy, letting me know we were friends now.
I had to say goodbye as I needed to go to work, so the kitty walked down the road with me. Then it turned off to go a different way, pausing to look back at me as if to say "aren't you coming?"
I really wish I hadn't decided to be sensible and go to work, I could have done with a day spent having adventures with a little kitty cat. Sadly, I haven't seen the cat again, I wish I did so I could say I was sorry, and check we were still friends. Next time I'm asked I'm going on a kitten adventure, so much more enjoyable than being a 'grown up' and going to my rubbish job.

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  1. This is so sweet! what do you say about following each other?:X


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