Saturday, 15 October 2011

Teetering on the edge of being a grown up...

I am 25. Which sounds awfully depressing, I'm also working full time, finishing a Masters degree and in an increasing serious relationship. I think that means I'm almost a grown up. Whatever that is.
The Boy and I have been talking for a while about what we want from our relationship, this is not a casual thing, we both see a future of some sort. Yes, we've had problems, arguments, we're working out what the boundaries are for each of us. The compromises we have to make in order to meet each other on solid and equal ground.
Recently we've been talking about moving in together. I've outgrown my bedroom in my parents' house and he's tired of living alone. First thing we have to do is start saving money so we can afford to pay a deposit and first month's rent. Secondly we need to find somewhere to live. I'm the more difficult one in this respect, I don't want to move too far away from my friends and family. He's already moved several hours from his parents, but I'm close to my mum and most of my friends still live in the area.
I think we'll spend the next few months looking around and saving, which isn't the easiest thing to do with Christmas on the horizon. But I think we can do this. If it's what we really want, we'll just have to work for it.
Growing up is boring, but exciting in its prospects.

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