Thursday, 27 October 2011

I'm sick

This week I have mostly been sleeping in between lying down and standing up while the room moves about around me. I have an ear infection, which is affecting my hearing and my balance. I've become really sensitive to noise and keep feeling wobbly.
I've been off work and bored silly. I could have used the time better, but I've been feeling so wrung out by this that I've been napping a lot, not sleeping at night.
Today I went into work, I lasted til lunchtime. The office got noisier and having struggled into the office on the underground, I was feeling wobbly and had stabbing pains in my ear. So home I came. And to bed I went.
So far the most I've accomplished is reading all of Terry Pratchett's latest novel 'Snuff'. It's very good, if less funny than some of his previous work.
Hopefully the delightful antibiotics the doctor prescribed will eventually work and make everything better and I can go back to work on Monday feeling normal and get my work done.
Here's to a weekend of healing.

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