Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Some bits and bobs floating around my brain

Firstly, sorry for the sporadic nature of my posting recently, between uni, work and attempting to have a social life, blogging has fallen by the wayside.

I'm sick, and at home, not at uni attending lectures like I should be. I have some delightful chest infection thing, that's making me really grouchy. So I'm in bed, at half 11 in the morning, wondering whether I can go to work tomorrow, because I don't want to take too much time off, and I was off yesterday because I felt like death, and not even warmed up.
I went to the theatre last night, and if the tickets weren't already booked and paid for, I'd have given it a miss and gone to bed early. I saw Wicked, it was really good, but I'd definitely enjoyed it more if I'd been able to breathe properly and didn't feel so green (and not in Wicked Witch of the West way). My friend thought he'd spotted Swedish pop star Robyn in the crowd, but it wasn't her, just someone who looked a bit like her. Though that's a secret as he'd already told some people it was her, so now I have to play along with it! I did see indie popstar Lightspeed Champion in the pub though, recognised him from Never Mind the Buzzcocks a while ago.
Friday is payday, finally! So I'm Christmas shopping this weekend, though if I'm still sick, it'll all have to be online, hopefully everything will get delivered by next week!!
For Christmas itself I'm spending the day with my family, we're going out for lunch at a restaurant, we did the same thing last year, so my mum doesn't have to spend all day slaving away. Boxing Day will probably be spent watching films and eating random things from the fridge. Also chocolate.
My friend Emma is throwing a party on the 27th, Secret Santa, drinks, laughs, should be good. Usually is when we all get together. Then I get to spend the 28th and 29th with my lovely Boy. His dad's bringing him down (he's going home for the holiday weekend), so I'll get to meet his dad, and have another Christmas, opening presents and being cosy. Watching festive films and eating yummy things.
I'm seeing my grandparents next week, so really it's like 3 Christmasses this year. I think I'll survive it all, but it'll probably wipe me out.
There's a few things planned for the new year too. On top of which I have essays to write and work to turn up for. This being a grown up lark is starting to wear me out. Can't I just be irresponsible again.

So what are you lovely people doing for the holidays this year??

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