Sunday, 14 November 2010

Busy bee!!

I finally started my new job, the CRB came through at long last. It's not the most exciting job in the world, and not something I want to spend my life doing, but it's a job, another note on the CV, some money in my pocket. I started on Thursday, so far so good. Here's to my first full week at work. I can tell I'm going to be knackered.

This weekend I got to see comedian and musician Bill Bailey live. I love him, witty and funny. If you're in London, beg, borrow or steal a ticket to see him. Hilarious and brilliant. (It's sold out).

Unfortunately my stupid phone crashed and deleted a bunch of stuff, including some photos I hadn't uploaded to my laptop yet, so I'm a bit fed up (if you're following me on Twitter, you might have seen this.) The software seems to be refusing to work, so I can't fix it. Very frustrating. Anyone know how to get a Blackberry to do as it's told??

I also have two essays due in this week, so far I've barely started writing one of them. Excellent studentship. I actually forgot that one of them was due in. I got my dates muddled up, so annoying. So now I'm under the pressure of getting it all done while tired and busy. Fun.

My friend is in a play this week, so Thursday night I'll be there, luckily the essays are due in before then (I say luckily) so I'll still be able to go. It should be really good, I'm sending her lots of luck!

Once again, a brief post. As soon as I have a little time and am not so rushed I promise a decent post or two. and to get around to people's blogs. I miss reading your posts, but I just don't get enough time to read any more. Have a good week.

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