Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Blogging Admin!

Hi, it's been a while I know. But I'm still here, floating around in cyberspace while trying to get my life organised.

First thing's first. My CRB finally, finally came through, and so I start my new job on Thursday. Yay!! Obviously admin is not something I really want to do, but it's a job, and I'm broke and it'll look good on the old CV. Plus they're flexible about uni and hours, so it's where I'll be spending my week days (minus uni Wednesdays).

Speaking of uni, I couldn't get there last week as there was a tube strike which pretty much crippled the whole of London and made me really grumpy. I missed 2 classes and a meeting, all in all, bad day. But it seems to be going ok, I'm getting really into being back in academia, reading furiously, writing essays (I should be doing that, not blogging), discussing ideas and training myself to stay awake on the underground so I don't miss my stop!

Things with The Boy seem to be going well too. We've had a few minor disagreements, but nothing major, I don't like the video games he plays, they're really noisy and violent, and it's hard to concentrate on reading or anything when they're on. I'm not allowed to do the washing up, but he's quite happy for me to do all the cooking, which is a point of contention. I like cooking, I don't like the assumption that I'll happily be on my own making his dinner while he plays video games. That bugs me. But I know we'll work it out, I want this whole relationship to work out (my track record isn't great), so I'll have to adjust, so will he. Compromise is key.

I'm still uncertain about the fate of ABADBW (aka my other blog), apart from the occasional book, I'm focusing on uni reading, which I won't blog about because it's too boring and I have essays to write, so there's less and less being written for it (having said that, there should be a couple of reviews etc up there at the moment worth a look.) Part of me wants to merge Note to Self with it, and just have more book related content here, but I just don't know right now. Any ideas/suggestions/comments welcome on this.

Ok, well that was fairly boring. I suppose I'm an Administrator at home as well as at work now!!

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