Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Things I Like (1)

Poirot novels when it's cold and horrid out. I'm not sure what it says about me that I enjoy a good spot of crime solving with Agatha Christie's slueth when the weather's rotten but there we go.

Listening to great music playing. Especially if it's a favourite band/singer, like Jack's Mannequin, Matt Nathanson, Rachael Yamagata, Jack Johnson, Augustana, The Honorary Title, Amanda Palmer, Wakey! Wakey! or Dashboard Confessional.

Cadbury's chocolate buttons, I'm instantly transported to being a child, they're very comforting. Though I can't eat too many or I throw up.

My bed. It's pretty much a given.

Watching a favourite film. And joining in with the lines I know too well.

A beautiful poem. I love poetry, there's a bit stack of anthologies and collections on my floor. Sometimes it lifts my mood and makes me laugh, and sometimes I need something that reflects how I feel.

Writing my own litle scribbles. I do this in a cute owl notebook, the most recent of many notebooks, maybe someday I'll actually share some of this stuff with someone.

Custard. It's just been Christmas, and while I'm no fan of the festive season, I do like custard. And pigs in blankets. Just those two foods (but not together, ewwww) are all I need at this time of year!

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