Sunday, 2 December 2012

Something about Christmas...or whatever

The Boy is sat on the floor watching NCIS and wrapping Christmas presents for his family and some friends, I have done most of my shopping but not got round to wrapping it yet, his activity is however, not spurring me into action. I am quite content to sit here and watch him go.
Christmas is not my favourite time of year, bits of it are nice (and I don't mean presents), but on the whole I would quite happily do without it. It's the longest holiday I'm taking from the office and most of it will be spent rushing around like crazy trying to fit everything, and everyone in.
Which is why I've done pretty much all my Christmas shopping in the last week and am now broke again, after paying bills and buying things for other people, there's nothing left for me. Which is frustrating. Now I know I'll be getting a few things from my parents (I ordered them for my mum), that I want, and The Boy had a look at my saved for later list on Amazon, so he might have got a few things I'd like, but there are some things I would have brought for myself this month, and now I can't.
I've probably spent the most on my lovely, but he deserves it, he's had a tough year, being out of work and struggling to keep everything going with his Masters degree. I've been there, it's awful.
Luckily now he's back on track, working all week and getting his studying done at the weekend. We're moving in together in January, officially. I'm here all the time as it is, and we both feel it's time to live in one place, rather than between two, so we've been making the flat more cosy, and livable for two people. It's arduous and stressful, trying to organise all our things and condense them into a small flat, I have a lot of stuff. Mostly books, which I can't downsize, I've tried but I either get sidetracked into re-reading them or so exhausted from lifting them off the shelves and putting it back and have to go and lie down.
Anyway, this Christmas will be our third together and we'll be dividing it between seeing my family, his family, catching up with friends, and curling up on the sofa exhausted watching movies. We're hosting a New Year's party at the flat, so it'll have to be extra tidy to squeeze all the people in, but getting our friends in one place can be tricky.
So if you celebrate Christmas, have a lovely one, I hope it's filled with the people you love, and laughter, and those little sausages wrapped in bacon.
See you in 2013.

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