Monday, 21 November 2011

Apparently Christmas is coming...

I have bought exactly 2 presents. Other people seem to have bought, wrapped, addressed, posted and generally organised themselves into an early grave. Christmas is for children, as an adult I'm pretty disinterested in the whole charade.
I enjoy elements of it, Midnight Mass, spending time with my friends and family, watching people's faces light up as they open the perfect present, sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing, being able to have a lie in as I'm off for over a week.
There are some things I can definitely do without. The crowds, so I'm doing as much of my shopping online as I can, having to schlep around endless family gatherings, no getting around that, the excessive food, not really a good time to be trying to lose weight, and how cold it's going to be. I really should buy a coat sooner rather than later, although I do have my snowboots ready!
I've also set myself the task of getting the dreaded dissertation finished by Saturday, then I can take it to be bound and hand it in next week when I have a day off and can get down to the campus.
Hopefully once that particular stress is over and done with, I can move swiftly onto stressing about Christmas and all it's myriad stresses.

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